Expert Witness Categories

Expert Witness Testimony in Court

Dr. Caffrey has solid experience as an expert witness providing testimony in depositions and court.

He is a highly effective communicator with a reliable and credible demeanor. He concisely and clearly explains his findings in ordinary language without resorting to distracting and unhelpful theatrics or jargon.


Dr. Caffrey offers testimony in five categorical areas:

Workplace Injury:

Dr. Caffrey’s specialized training and life experience has prepared him well to be an especially effective expert witness in workers compensation cases. He is a professional who possesses specialized knowledge of a subject that can enable the credible analysis of a piece of evidence or a relevant factor presented in a case. His expert testimony includes consideration of expert medical testimony in workers compensation cases.

The outcome of a workers’ compensation claim may depend on the accurate analysis of complicated medical information. So, an injured worker and his or her attorney might call upon Dr. Caffrey to evaluate psychological fitness and offer testimony and analysis of complicated medical information.

Personal Injury:

Regarding personal injury, Dr. Caffrey has testified and consulted for both plaintiff and defense in civil court, regarding the consequences of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents, failed medical procedures, and in a variety of cases involving gross negligence.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Dr. Caffrey is uniquely qualified to assess and render opinions about the employability and earnings potential of an individual based on his advanced degrees in psychology with an emphasis in rehabilitation and Ph.D. in Vocational Education for the Handicapped.

Mental Competency:

Dr. Caffrey routinely assesses individuals and testifies regarding mental competency in accordance with statutory definitions of mental competency.

Dr. Caffrey renders opinions regarding an individual’s ability to make decisions consistently in his or her best interest, regarding the ability of an individual to provide for his or her daily needs and ability to provide consent in legal and medical contexts based on observation, review of medical records, collateral interviews and comprehensive standardized neuropsychological testing.

Catastrophic Injury:

Dr. Caffrey provides expert witness testimony in cases of catastrophic injury and how that injury impacts an individual’s ability to function in the normal spheres of life including home, school, work and community.

Catastrophic injury includes but is not limited to traumatic brain injury, brain injury from hypoxia/anoxia, spinal cord injury, dismemberment, burns, blindness or low vision or other life altering injuries.