Case Examples

Courtroom Case Examples

The case examples below illustrate some civil and criminal matters in Dr. Caffrey’s experience:

Workplace Injury:
Dr. Caffrey conducted a vocational evaluation of a railroad employee with a back injury.

Dr. Caffrey testified that he would be able to retrain and get placed in an occupation outside of the rail industry, if necessary, that is within reasonable bounds of his physical capacities and would allow him to preserve access to daily meaningful activity, earnings level consistent past earnings and to provide for his family. Dr. Caffrey also opined that he had good learning potential to benefit from training for other occupations, good potential to use his established marketable transferrable skills and of maintaining his current level of functioning by using good body mechanics.

Medical Malpractice:
Dr. Caffrey testified in a medical malpractice jury trial.

The jury’s verdict agreed with Dr. Caffrey’s opinion that the plaintiff seeking damages for psychological injury from a botched medical procedure had been psychiatrically disabled for most of his life and that the medical procedure did not create a new psychiatric disorder.

Disciplinary Board Hearing:
Dr. Caffrey provided testimony in a disciplinary board hearing for an attorney accused of misconduct.

Dr. Caffrey concluded that the attorney, based on neuropsychological and psychological testing, records review, interview and a thorough understanding of the case, was competent to return to work as an attorney contingent on completing psychological treatment and achieving therapy goals.